AJS Nine 1929 to 1933

AJS 9In 1929 A.J.Stevens & Co Ltd of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, known as AJS, were motorcycle manufacturers of some standing. They also had a body building branch that had been producing bodies for the Clyne Nine. With its demise and a turn down in motorcycle sales, the company had a lot of spare capacity. To fill that gap they turned to Arthur G. Booth the designer of the Clyno Nine to design a similar sized car for them to produce. The result was the AJS Nine. It had a 1018c.c. four cylinder side-valve engine supplied by Coventry Climax. The chassis was produced by John Thompson Motor Pressings of Bilston, Staffordshire, With a body produced by AJS. All was assembled at a AJS works in Wolverhampton. It was available with a fabric saloon body at £230, a coach built saloon body at £240 and a coach built two-seater with a dickey seat for £210. Apart from the fabric body which was by then losing favour, the specification was good which included a safety glass windscreen and vacuum powered windscreen wipers. About three thousand three hundred were produced before they became a casualty of the Economy car price war. Production was continued for a time by Willy-Overland-Crossley but only a few more were made.

Ajs saloonAJS

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