Ariel Nine 1922 to 1925

Ariel 9
Ariel were famous for their motorcycles, but they made a couple of less than successful attempt to market cars.
The Ariel Nine of 1923 was produced By Ariel Works Limited, part of Components Limited , of Bournbrook, Birmingham. The owners son,Jack Sangster had designed the car after rejoining the company from Rover. He had previously designed a similar car for the company, but the design had been passed on to the Rover Company and was marketed as the Rover Eight. Sangster joining Rover to help produce it.
The Ariel Nine was similar to the Rover in many respect, down to having a horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine. The Ariel engine which was manufactured for them by Harper Bean, differed from the Rover by being water cooled, the Rover being Air cooled. The car weighed eleven cwt, only about seven hundred were produced between 1923 and 1925.  

Ariel 9

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