Austin Seven 1922 to 1939

Austin 7 adThe story of the creation of the Austin Seven can be found in many books and the web, so I will not repeat it here. It was something completely new in Britain, Not just a light car, but a miniature of the cars of the day. The first Austin Seven, had a wheelbase of 6 ft, 3 inches, a track of 3 ft, 4 inches, and weighed 6.5 cwt, that was about half the weight of contemporary economy cars of all types, only matched by the cyclecars of the day. It was also ahead of its contemporaries in having four-wheel brakes, The front being applied by the hand lever and the rear by the usual foot pedal. Initially the engine capacity was only 696 c.c. but was soon increased to 747 c.c. The low price of 165 for a car with the specification of cars double the price, soon led to success, almost two thousand being produced in its first year. Production increased every year until 1935 to over twenty seven thousand, only falling off slightly in the next couple of years, then dropping off sharply in the last year of production, 1939. The Austin Seven was the first of the mass produced economy car in Britain, and those that followed were in the same mould. The days of the hand built economy car was near its end.

Austin 7 1922

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