Humber 9/20 1925 to 1929 9/28 1928 t0 1930
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Humbers last light car was the Nine, an enlarged version of the 8, with a 1056 c.c. engine, the bore being increased to 58 m.m. the stroke being unchanged. The chassis had a longer wheelbase of 8 ft, 6 inches, the track was slightly wider and half elliptic springs replaced quarter elliptic at the front. Still with two wheel brakes until 1927. Producing 3450 9/20's and 1250 examples of the 9/28. After 1930 the company concentrated on it’s heavy car range.
The following is a quote from "The Vintage Motor car". (The 9/20) was burdened with a full four-seater body of remarkable length and ungainly appearance; but it retained all the Humber quality and was capable of an unexpectedly lively performance. Front brakes were added in1927 and for a year or so the 9/20 was an unusually attractive economy car. But in 1929 saloon coachwork had become all the fashion and it grew further into the 9/28 a car which typifies the sad change which had come over light-car design by having the extremely low top-gear ratio of 5.5 to 1. Its performance is accordingly rather laboured, despite the greater power output of the engine. The excellent Humber light car of 1922 had in fact grown up into a very ordinary small saloon car with little but its quality to commend it, and production ceased in 1930.


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