The Humberette 1913 to 1915

HumberetteThe Humber company of Coventry, produced the Humberette model in 1913. Because it had an air cooled Vee twin engine of 998 cc, (84 mm. x 90 mm.) it was categorised as a cyclecar although the rest of the car apart from the tubular chassis form was of conventional construction, with rack and pinion steering, transverse spring front suspension, with quarter elliptic springs at the rear. The three-speed and and reverse gearbox, had an old fashioned quadrant change. Only available in a two-seat tourer form, on a wheel-base of 7 ft. 5 in. and track of 3 ft. 6 in. The wire wheels were non-detachable, but it came complete with screen, hood, horn, and three lights. In 1914 a water cooled engine option was available at £135, £15 more than the air cooled version. Production ceased in 1915.

Humberette Chassis

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