Jowett 6/10 and Eight  1910 to 1915
Jowett Chassis
The Jowett Motor Manufacturing Company of Back Burlington, Bradford, was founded in 1904 by Benjamin and William Jowett, cycle makers. In 1906 they made their first car. It was a car in miniature weighing only 6.5 cwt. It had a Water cooled horizontally opposed twin cylinder side valve 816 cc engine in a conventional chassis, with one exception in the use of tiller steering. Limited production started in 1910,  with twelve car produced by 1913 when the 6/10 model costing £127, with conventional wheel steering. The 1915 model the ”8’, was rated at 6.4 hp, and cost £158. All were two seat tourers. Thirty six of these models were produced before the war stopped production.

Jowett 6

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