Riley Nine h.p. 1926 to 1937

Riley 9Riley (Coventry) Ltd, had been producing quality cars for almost thirty years when they introduced the Nine. The car was a great step forward in design, The engine was exceptional in having twin camshafts operating with short pushrods, overhead valves in a hemispherical shaped combustion chamber. An arrangement that proved so successful it was still used for the next thirty years. The 1087 c.c. water-cooled four-cylinder engine and the four speed integral gearbox was mounted in a  long wheelbase chassis of 8 ft. 10.5 inches, using rubber bushes in compression. It had a good performance for an economy car of the time with a top speed of 60 m.p.h. and a fuel consumption figure of 40 m.p.g. It was quality car, reflected in the price of the fabric bodied Monaco saloon at £298, and the four seat tourer at £280 in 1928. Even so six thousand were produced by 1930.
Riley 9 engine

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