Singer Junior 1927 to 1932
Singer Junior AdSinger of Coventry had ceased production of the "10", economy car in 1924 by then a very dated design. The Junior its successor launched in September 1926 for the model year 1927, was by comparison an up to date design, with a 848 c.c. four-cylinder overhead camshaft engine. Although some aspects of its design like the cone clutch and only having two wheel brakes were old fashioned and not updated until 1928. The car was continually updated with modern features like hydraulic shock absorbers and Triplex glass. With a top speed of 56 m.p.h. and a fuel consumption of 42 m.p.g. and a price of £135 in 1930 it was a fine economy car, with approximately forty thousand produced. Singer continued to fit overhead camshaft engines in its cars until the 1950's, when most others used side-valve designs.

Singer Junior Chassis

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