Standard Nine. 1913 to 1918  Standard 9.5 h.p. Model S 1919 to 1920

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 The Standard 9.5 h.p. was manufactured by the Standard Motor Company of Coventry. Below is a detailed description of the car, written in 1955 by Ernest F Carter.  Another little car which made its appearance among the earliest of such cars put on the market was the 9.5 h.p. "Standard", which conformed mote or less to large car design; its chief featurea being a four-cylinderengine, single-plate clutch, three-speed gearbox and overhead worm-driven back axle.The engine cylinders were 62x90 mm. of just over one litre cubic capacity, being cast monobloc with valves all on one side operated by a silent-chain-driven camshaft. Cooling was by thermo-syphon with ample cylinder jackets and large-diameter pipes connecting to a gilled tube radiator which was assisted in its function by a two-bladed belt-driven fan and a vaned flywheel enclosed within an undershield, which latter materially enhanced the draught through the radiator. Special attention was also given to the water-cooling underneath the valve-pockets and this, coupled with the extremely efficient cooling system, enableled the motor-car to be driven up long hills and to stand for long periods in traffic with the engine running without the least fear of boiling-a thing which could not be said of scores of different makes then on the road. A "Zenith" carburetter was fitted to an inlet manifold cast integrally with the cylinders, and the exhaust  manifold was bolted to the cylinder ports and was thus easy to detach; whilst one particularily interesting point of good design was concerned with a quickly detachable oil-tight cover-plate over the valves and tappets, the valve chest being in direct communication with the engine base-chamber so that oil splashed about in the latter was also ditributed on to the valve stems and guides.

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