Stoneleigh 9 hp 1921 to 1924

Stoneleigh advert
Stoneleigh Motors Ltd, of Parkside, Coventry, was a subsidiary of Armstong Siddeley. It was set up to produce an ultra light car to compete in the market against the Rover Eight and the 5 cv Citreon. It was classed at the time as a cyclecar, as it had a fan cooled V twin cylinder engine of 998 cc, with overhead valve gear. Apart from the unconventional seating arrangements  with the driver seated in the centre and the two passenger seats behind, it was of conventional layout, although without a differential in the live back axle. It was produced in the hundred's between 1921 and 1924. Priced at £185 in 1923 it had fallen to £165 by 1924 when the seating had been changed to the usual two side by side arrangement.

Stoneleigh spec


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