Swift Cadet 1930 to 1931

Swift cadet AdSwift of Coventry, had a history of making economy cars, starting with the Swift Cyclecar in 1913, then the Q type Ten from 1923 to 1926. In 1930 they introduced the 8 h.p.Cadet. Fitted with a 847 c.c. side-valve water-cooled four cylinder engine supplied by Coventry Climax. The rest of the specification reflected that of the economy cars of the time, with a three-speed and reverse gearbox, a spiral bevel live rear axle and mechanical operated four wheel brakes, semi-elliptic spring all round, on a channel section chassis frame. Unfortunately the tourer priced at £149 and the Fabric bodied saloon at £165 could not compete with the cheaper Austin and Morris cars, and only about two hundred and fifty were produced the company went into liquidation.

Swift cadet

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