Talbot 8/18 1922 to 1926
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Clement Talbot of Barby Road, North Kensington, London, part of the Sunbeam, Talbot, Darracq group, produced a British version of the French1 litre Darracq in 1922. By the time production ceased in 1926, two thousand two hundred and twenty four had been made.
Talbot Spectalbot 8
The extracts on the car in the previously mentioned book, The Vintage Motor Car, gives a good in-site into its characteristics. The 8/18 Talbot, which appeared early in 1922, was designed by Louis Coatalen and proved, as might have been expected, to have been an exceptional performance for a light car at that time.It was also a distinct departure for the Clement Talbot factory,which had previously built only fast and rather heavy touring car. despite its somewhat high price, it had an instant appeal on account of its speed, efficiency, and elegant appearance; and was hailed in the contemporary press as a pioneer of a new sort of economical motoring. Nor was the engine rough in any way, but, like all Coatalen's productions, of extreme smoothness and flexibility. The finish throughout was excellent, and the coupe body light, comfortable, and of pleasing appearance. 
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