Preface and Credit's

Richardson Cyclecar
In "Economy cars of the Edwardian Era", I had noted the limitations of the cyclecar on the page "Cyclecars", and described how the true economy cars were derived from the full sized cars of the day on the page  "Beginnings of the economy cars in the Edwardian Era". it was very much the same at the beginning of the Vintage Era, but the cyclecars soon faded away as the true economy cars matured into reliable, economic transport.


The Vintage Motor Car, by Cecil Clutton and John Stanford, provide some period descriptions and opinions.

A-Z of Cars of the 1920's,  by Nick Baldwin, has been the source of most of the technical data.

Most of the graphics have come from It is a unique source information, particularly the items copied from Lightcar and Cyclecar and other publications.