Allday Midget 8/10 Two Cylinder 1913 to 1914
Alldays Midget 8/10 Four Cylinder 1915.

Allday Midget  The Alldays Midget 8-10 h.p. Two Cylinder, was built by the old established firm of Alldays and Onions Ltd, of Birmingham. The 1056 c.c. water-cooled vertical twin-cylinder engine drove through a 3-speed  and reverse gearbox and cone clutch to a worm type differential axle. A Boch magneto and a Zenith carburettor were fitted. It was classed as a cyclecar because of the two cylinder engine and cost £130 in 1914. The 1915 version of the car was considered to be a light car, because it had a four  cylinder engine, even though its capacity at 1092 c.c. was similar to the previous model, as was most of the design. It weighed in at 7 cwt, with a 7 ft. wheelbase a 4 ft. track and cost £185 in 1915. 

Allday Midget

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