A 1925 Amilcar Grand Sports.

A popular French sports roadster of the 1920's.The sports Amilcar belongs entirely to the
vintage era and is of two quite distinct
versions. This fast little French car started life as a lively small car with splash
lubricated 4 cylinder engine of 55X95mm. and a skiff body. This soon developed into a real
 small sports model with larger engine (60X95mm.) which in spite of side valves gave a very
reasonable supply of power, and a typically French, pointed tail, door less sports body
 enhanced by long combined wings and step boards. Road holding was of a high order, aided
by stiff 1/2 elliptic front springs mounted outboard of the frame and a 1/4 elliptic sprung
 back axle which eschewed a differential.
In it’s later C.G.S. “Grand Sports” form with cowled radiator and cycle type wings the
1100cc. Amilcar found considerable favour with young sportsmen in England until ousted by
national products such as the Riley Nine and M.G. Midget. Vernon Balls was an agent who
 achieved much success with Amilcar in races, and Boon and Porter did a brisk trade in them.
 A Ricardo head gave the game little engine even more power and the specification included
front brakes with ribbed drums, applied through the unusual medium of steel strips on the
later “Surbaisse” cars, the engine now having full pressure lubrication. The young bloods
of the 1920s could do some 70-75mph. in his light and rakish Amilcar and still obtain nearly
40 mpg.

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