Autocrat 8 Two Cylinder, 8/10 Four Cylinder 1913
Autocrat 9 Two Cylinder, 9 Four Cylinder 1914

  The Autocrat Light Car Co of Balsall Heath, Birmingham, was another company that offered both two and four cylinder economy cars to the market. In 1913, the 964 c.c. Eight, with a twin cylinder engine and the 8/10 four cylinder with a 1128 c.c. engine. The twin cost £110 and the four £157.
In1914 the twin was given a 1104 c.c. longer stroke engine making it a 9. It then cost £142.
 The four cylinder engine had a different bore for 1914 with a capacity of 1093 c.c. It was fitted with a Chapuis and Dornier engine, with a Zenith carburettor, a carden propeller shaft and bevel drive live rear axle. and It weighed 8 cwt.

Autocrat posterAutocrat

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