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List of Book Designation

Description. / Designation.
General reading, automobile related / G
Primarily Data  / D
Encyclopaedia  A to Z of makes and models / E
One make or One model historical study / O
Motor industry study / I
Primarily a book of pictures with some descriptions / P
A Biography or personal memoir / B
A maintenance or service manual / M
An in depth study   / S
History /

Title. Author. Publisher. ISBN. Date. Classification.

A Century of car Design.  Penny Sparke.  Mitchell Beazley.  1840004037.  2002. S.
A Miracle on 4 Wheels.  Reinhard Seiffert.  Macdonald.   1967. S.
A to Z of Sports Cars 1945 to 1990.  Mike Lawrence.  Bay View Books Ltd.  1870979818.  1991. E.
A -Z of Cars of  the 1980s.  Martin Lewis.  Bay View Books Ltd. 1901432106. .  1994. .  E.
A -Z of Cars of the 1920s.  Mick Baldwin.  Bay View Books Ltd. 1901432092. 1994. E.
A -Z of Cars of the 1930s. Michael Sedgwick & Mark Gillies. Bay View Books Ltd. 1870979389. 1989. E.
A -Z of Cars of the 1945-1970. Michael Sedgwick & Mark Gillies. Bay View Books Ltd. 1870979397. 1986. E.
Africar. Anthony Howarth. The Ordinary Road Ltd. 1870427009. 1987. G.
Alfa Romeo. David Owen. Patrick Stephens Ltd. 1852604468. 1993. OH.
Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupes Profile. ----.  Brooklands Books. 1855201356.------. P.
Andre Citroen.  John Reynolds. Wren park publishing. 0905778324. 1996. B.
Aston The legend Michael Bowler Parragon 0752520709 1997 P
Audi Paul Harris Sutton Publishing 0750919256 1999 OH
Auto Mobile Ruth Brandon Macmillan 0333766660 2002 G
Automobile Design Edited by Ronald Barker & Anthony Harding Society of Automobile Engineers.Inc  1560912103 1992 HS
Automobiles David Burgess Wise Hamlyn 0600303799 1979 E
Automobiles Tatra Miroslav Gomola Gavin Farmer Jan Tulis AGM CZ Ltd  1998 OH
Best Wheel Forward J.A.Gregoire The Sportsmans Book Club  1954 1966 B
Beyond Expectation K.B.Hopfinger G.T.Foulis  1954 B
Britain's Motor Industry Nick Geogano Nick Baldwin Anders Clausger Jonathan Wood G.T.Foulis & Co 0854299238 1995 IH
British Specialist Cars Chris Rees Windrow & Green Automotive 1872004229 1993 E
Car Wars Jonayhan Mantle Macmillan 033361867x 1995 G
Cars in the UK Volume One 1945 to 1970 Graham Robson Motor Racing Publications 1899870156 1996 D
Cars in the UK Volume Two 1971 to 1995 Graham Robson Motor Racing Publications 1899870164  1997 D
Chrysler  Vincent Curcio Oxford University Press  0195078969 2000 B
Classic British Cars Graham Robson & Michael Ware Abbeydale Press 1861470509 2000 P
Classic Cars Michael Bowler Parragon 0752525425 1996 P
Colin Chapman Lotus Engineering Hugh Hashell Ospray Automotive 1855323761 1993 OH
Cosworth Graham Robson Patrick Stephens Ltd 1852602384 1990 HS
Encycopedia of American Cars  Publications International Ltd 0785317775 1996 E
Encylopaedia of Classic Saloon Cars1945-1975 Rob de la Rive Box Rebo International 1840531037 1999 E
Encylopaedia of Classic Sports Cars 1945-1975 Rob de la Rive Box Rebo International 1840531118 1998 E
Ferrari Formula Cars Giulio Schmidt Haynes Publishing 0854299599 1994 P
Ferrari The Legend Mark Konig Parragon 0765108453 1997 P
Fiat Michael Sedwick B.T.Batsford Ltd 0713404736 1974 OH
Ford Model Y Sam Roberts Veloce Publishing Plc 1901295885 2001 OH
Four Brothers "4" (Ginetta G4) Trevor Pyman Bookmarque Publishing 1870519094 1990 OH
Great Marques Bugatti H.G.Conway Tiger Books International 1870461975 1989 OH
Lotus The first ten years Ian H. Smith Motor Racing Publications  1958 OH
Lotus, The Elite, Elan, Europa Chris Harvey The Oxford Illustrated Press 0902280856 1989 OH
MG by McComb F.Wilson McComb Ospray Automotive 0850455987 1993 OH
My Years with General Motors Alfred P. Sloan JR Sidwick & Jackson Ltd  1965 B
Opentop Style Graham Robson Tiger Books International 1855010828 1988 P
Passenger Cars 1924-1942 M. Sedgwick Blandford Press 0713706570 1975 E
Porsche 1900-1977 Richard von Frankenberg Haynes Publishing  1977 OH
Porsche 356 Brian Long Veloce Publishing Plc 1874105634 1996 OH
Renault Saint Loup The Bodley Head  1957 B
Road to Oblivion Christopher Balfour Bay View Books Ltd 1870979826 1996 HS
Saab Sonett 1966-1974  Brooklands Books 0907073891
Saab The Innovator Mark Chatterton David & Charles 0715379453 1980 OH
Specials John Bolster G.T.Foulis  1949 E
Speed in Style Jonathon Wood Patrick Stephens Ltd 1852600802 1990 HS
Tatra Autoalbum Karel Rosenkranz Nakladatelstvi MS Press 8090091598  OH
The Age of the Autombile Harold Perkin Quartet Books Ltd 0704321122 1976 G
The Audi File Eric Dymock Dove Publishing 0953414205 1997 E
The Austin Seven R.J.Wyatt David & Charles 0715357662 1968 OH
The Autocar Handbook  Iliffe & Sons Ltd  (1915) M
The Book of the Morris Minor Staton Abbey Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons  1955 M
The Cars of BMC Graham Robson Motor Racing Publications 1899870415 1999  H
The Cassell Book of the Morris Minor Ellison hawks Cassell &Co Ltd  1958 M
The Complete History of the Japanese Car Marco Ruiz Haynes Publishing 0854296727 1986 HS
The Dalton Watson Car Value Guide  Dalton Watson 0901564672 1988 G
The Encyclopedia of the Car Chris Horton Caxton Editions 1840670533 1999 E
The Humber Story 1868-1932 A.B.Demaus & J.C.Tarring Sutton Publishing Ltd 0862995965 1989 OH
The Kitcar Builders Manual Peter Coxhead & Martin Foster Haynes Publishing 1850108986 1994 M
The Light Car. A technical history C.F.Caunter Science Museum  1958 HS
The Motor Car 1946-56 Michael Sedwick B.T.Batsford Ltd 0713412712 1979 HS
The Motor Industry of Britain Sonia Seymour-Williams Exclat Initatives Ltd 0952391252 1996 GH
The Motor Makers Martin adeney Collins 0002177870 1988 GH
The Motor Manual 35th Edition  Temple Press  1954 M
The Post War touring Car Graham Robson Haynes Publishing 085429995 1977 HS
The Renault File Eric Dymock Dove Publishing 0854299955 1998 B
The Sports Car John Stanford B.T.Batsford Ltd  1962 E
The Sports Car Pocketbook William Boddy B.T.Batsford Ltd  1961 E
The True Story of Skoda Dave Randle Sutton Publishing Ltd 0750925655 2002 OH
The Vintage Motor Car C. Clutton & J Stanford B.T.Batsford Ltd  1961 HS
The VW Beetle Robin Fry David & Charles 0715378597 1980 OH
The Wild Wheel (Henry Ford) Garet Garrett The Cresset Press  1952 B
TVR The Complete Story John Tipler Crowood  Auto Classic 1852237961 1994 OH
Vintage Cars 1886-1940 Rob de la Rive Box Rebo International 9036615178 1998 EP
Volkswagen Beetle Model by Model Laurence Meredith The Crowood Press ltd 1861262736 1999 OH
With Hindsight Charles Mortimer Richard Netherwood Ltd 1872955045 1991 B
World Car Guide Kyle Fortune Pedigree Books Ltd 1904329314 2004 EP
World Sports Cars  Frank Oleski Konemann  1984 HP
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