Canary Cars.

I recently had a winter break in the north of the island of Tenerife, one of
the Canary Island's.The Canary Island's are a province of Spain and a little
piece of Europe in the Atlantic off thecoast of west Africa.
From my previous visits I have noticed in the streets cars long since absent
in mainland Europestill in regular use on the roads of Tenerife. Supermini cars
are the mainstream of motoring inTenerife, both with many hire fleets but
also with the local residence. It only takes and hour todrive from one end
of the island on the one motorway and a supermini serves most purposes.
The hire fleets have the latest Punto's, Corsa's, Clio's and Twingo's, the
latter not seen in Britain.
It is the cars that are much older than these, that are of interest to the
auto history enthusiastin me. Mostly FIAT and SEAT built FIAT designs
of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. The oldestwas a SEAT 600, FIAT's
first rear engined car design.

Quite a few SEAT 127's FIAT's second front wheels drive design of

A SEAT 133. A car that wish to find information on.

Also a couple of Autobianchi A122's, another FIAT design of1970.

The oldest of the Renault's I found was a R4 looking like new and
lots of Fives.

Skoda's have made it this far, starting with the Favorit, with Felicia's and
Fabia's in increasing numbers.It is not only the inexpensive end of the
market that is represented, as I spotted a couple ofAudi A2's. It may not
be as glamorous as the classic car scene in Cuba, but still of interest.
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