Enfield Autolette 1913 to 1915

EnfieldThe Enfield Autolette was produced by the Enfield Autocar Co of Sparkbrook, Birmingham from 1913 in two forms, the 8, with a 1056 c.c. 86x91 mm, vertical twin cylinder engine and the 9 in 1914, 10, in 1915, with a 1092 c.c. 59x100 mm, inline four cylinder engine. Both models used a similar chassis, sprung by four quarter-elliptic springs at the rear with torque rods locating the worm driven differential axle. The three speed and reverse gearbox was separate from the engine, most probably mounted in the centre of the car between the drive shafts. It was heavy for its type at 9 1/2 cwt, with a wheelbase of 7 ft, 9 inches and a track of 4 ft. The 8, cost £138 in 1914, and the 9, £158, rising to £185 for the 10, in 1915. A moreexpensive 10, was listed for 1916 and 17, with a larger capacity engine. 

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