Horstmann 8.9 1913 to 1916
HorstmannThe Horstmann Car Company, of James Street West, Bath, was in formed 1913 by Sidney Horstmann, he was the son of a German clockmaker.  From 1915 to 1929, they manufactured around 3,000 cars. Some of the cars had aluminum bodies and were raced with some success at Brooklands. The 8.9 of 1913 had a 992 c.c. (60 mm. x 88 mm.) four cylinder, water-cooled engine produced by Horstmann . It had a three speed and reverse gearbox, with shaft drive to a bevel rear axle. One unusual fearture on the car, was a foot operated starter mechanism that could be used from the driving seat. It was relatively light at 8 cwt. It cost £155 in 1915, up to £165 in 1916. 

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