Jennings 9. 1914 to 1915
Jennings 10. 1915

Jennings There is so little information on the Jennings Light Car Company, that I am unable to even find their address. What I can find, is that they produced  two versions of a economy car between 1914 and 1915. One the 8-10 or 9, had a 1084 c.c. 80x108 mm, vertical twin cylinder water-cooled engine supplied by Dorman. The other, the 10, available only in 1915 ,had a 1094 cc, four cylinder 64x85 mm. engine. final drive was by torque tube and bevel drive, meaning that they where of a proper car layout. The 9 weighed 8 1/4 cwt, with a wheelbase of 8 ft. The 9, was priced at £157, and10, at £194.

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