Lagonda 11.1 1913 to 1915 and 1919 to 1921

Lagonda 11.1
Lagonda Ltd, of Staines, Middlesex, produced the 11.1, a light car betwain 1913 and 1915.  It had an engine of 1099 c.c. (67 mm. x 78 c.c.) with four cylinders, water-cooled, and overhead inlet and side exhaust valves. It was of conventional layout with some unusual features. The body was of riveted monocque construction, and the front suspesion incorporated an anti-roll bar. It was priced at £135 in 1913, rising to £ 150 in 1914. About 200 were produced in 1916. In 1921 the price had risen to £495. Total production, including the larger capacity 11.9 was about six thousand examples in eight years.

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