A 1928 Riley Nine.

This was one of the great light sportsroadster of it's day.The sensational advent
 of the Riley Nine in 1926 paved the way for a sports version of this advanced little car
with its inclined overhead valves operated by high-set camshafts and short, light push-rods,
 one each side of the cylinder block. Parry Thomas became interested and, aided by Reid
 Railton, shortened and drastically lowered the chassis and incorporated other modifications,
 to form the exceptionally low-slung Brooklands Riley Nine, from the cockpit of which the
 occupants could easily touch the ground with their hands. Indeed, low build was a keynote of
 the car, for a tiny radiator kept the body line and the long tail very low. Thomson and Taylor
 commenced production at Brooklands after Railton had won the first race there which the car
was entered, a victory which, alas Thomas did not live to see.
The Riley Company took over manufacture and as the Speed Model this exiting British sports
car competed in many important races, such as the T.T. It is a matter of history that many
famous drivers raced the Nine, which was developed to an extent not required of production
sports cars. Freddie Dixon was perhaps the most successful of all the Riley exponents.

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