Sixteen Years of

I like smaller cars that had been in the past referred to in the UK as light cars, and I wished to promote the history of that class of car in a way that was not done elsewhere.   
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I began writing and publishing Lightauto, for fun sixteen years ago, and have been adding to it and revising it ever since. I had at first presented Lightauto in magazine form. I recently found copies of the first nine months of my postings, on a CD made as a backup. I saw from the dates on them that it was sixteen years ago that I had started and thought to celebrate the fact by publishing the first edition again, just for fun.
So here it is.

A Light Automobile History Magazine.

Edition One. Feburary 2003.

In this issue.  A feature on classic cars to be found in
the Canary Islands, An introduction to the light sports roadster
and part one of a serialised item on front wheel drive car history.
 Canary Cars
 Front Wheel Drive The story of  pioneers of the front
wheel drive motorcar. Part one. Introduction.
My Fun Cars
Motoring with attitude
LightAuto home page

February 2003