Stellite 8/10 1913 to 1915 Stellite 10 1919

StelitteThe Electric and Ordnance Accessories Company Ltd, Stellite Works, Cheston Road, Aston, Birmingham. The factory was an assembly plant where Wolseley, produced a light car called the Stellite.
It had a 1075 c.c. (62 mm. x 89 mm.) four cylinder, water-cooled, overhead valve engine and a SU Wolseley carburetter. Carden shaft and worm drive transmission, with the gearbox in the rear axle. It weighed 8.5 cwt, with a wheelbase of 8 ft, and track of 3 ft, 10 in. It cost £158 in 1914 and 1915. 


Stelitte engine

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